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What our clients say

Condies Chartered Accountants had been our accountants for over 20 years, so it made sense for us to use Condies IT Solutions to install our computer system and maintain it. We’re delighted with the system and they are certainly on the ball when it comes to maintenance. They often know before we do that we have a problem! We recently asked them if it was possible to network and install a huge 50” TV screen in the shop. Condies worked out the best way of doing it. This facility now enables us to show our customers what their new kitchen will actually look like at the design stage. It’s one of our best selling tools and it’s worth its weight in gold! We wanted remote access for two members of staff to enable them to work from home, if they wanted to. Condies showed us the best way of doing this. What I like about Condies is, we tell them what we want and they find a way of doing it.

Paul Farrell, Proprietor, PJ Farrell Kitchens

Myself and Peter are responsible for the IT. Because we’re not a large organisation, we don’t have an IT team around us. We therefore rely on Condies for technical expertise for issues that we can’t resolve ourselves. In an emergency we therefore reach for the phone. The Condies staff are always available to speak to. It is probably quicker to pick the phone up and speak to them than talk to someone in the office next door! They are friendly and knowledgeable and sort out any emergencies we have quickly and professionally. They are just brilliant!

Leigh Mitchell, HR and Operations Executive, Investors In People

I would recommend SAP Business One to any business of our size. People shy away from it, thinking it’s for bigger companies, but it’s not expensive and it’s a comprehensive business tool for any company that really wants to understand how it is operating.

Philip Delaney, Managing Director, Dairyglen

We asked Condies Tech for help. They resolved the issues very quickly and overnight, dramatically transforming the performance and speed of our computer system. We are now able to make full use of our software quickly and easily, which has obviously improved the efficiency of our business as well as making our life easier. I think Condies were effective at sorting out our system because they took the time to understand our business and our needs. Needless to say they now maintain our computer systems on an on-going basis.

Heather McNab, Administration Manager, Caledonia Signs

About 2 years ago I was very stressed out by our computers. There was always something going wrong with them! The IT company who was responsible for their maintenance would fix one problem, only to return at a later date to re-fix it or sort out another one that had arisen. They just couldn’t seem to get to the bottom of our problems. As Office Manager this made my life very difficult and stressful. Condies were called in to update our computer systems and sort out all the gremlins, and since then we have had no problems. Condies now provide our ongoing maintenance support and it is reassuring to work with such a professional and knowledgeable company.

Linda Hiddleston, Office Manager, Angel Biotechnology Plc

We had our first computer system installed by Condies two and half years ago. We chose them in favour of other companies because I was impressed by Ian’s knowledge and his ability to explain things simply. For me it is their personal service which I think they excel at. We recently had a major systems failure, which would have tested any IT company. Condies in conjunction with Dell did the impossible, saved our data and an enormous amount of heartache. It’s nice to know that when we have a problem that needs sorting quickly, we can speak to someone we know who has been here and knows our system personally. Condies does this well.

Tony Malone, Financial Director, Michael Malone of Edinburgh

Condies Tech has certainly made our life easier. We had been using a labour intensive, paper based accountancy system which was not easy to audit. They talked and walked us through a new software package and the necessary hardware. They’ve since upgraded and centralised our computer systems and provided remote access so I could work from abroad when I wanted to. Our business is growing very fast at the moment; we’ve doubled the number of funeral units and increased our property portfolio by 10% in the last 3 years. As a rapidly expanding business it is important that our computer system works without any glitches. We’ve been with Condies Tech for about 7 years now and will continue to work with them in the future, as I know we’re in safe hands with them as our IT partners.

Tom Lees, Managing Director, M&F (Scotland) Ltd

We run an inbound language school, teaching English to foreign students. Over the last few years our business has grown dramatically which meant that our initial computer system was in need of major updating. Condies installed several new servers and all the networking, software and licences that we needed. Our computer system now allows our people in Russia and South America to access our booking system in the UK and also for our mobile sales team to remotely connect from Asia and Western Europe via laptop and blackberries. This is a fantastic system and is enabling our business to further expand. The real on-going benefit of Condies service to us however, is their flexible approach to support. With other larger companies Service Level Agreements tend to be too strict, only providing assistance during working hours. Out of hours help is vital to us because our business covers multiple Time Zones. Condies’ agreement is so flexible that we know that if we need them any time out of hours, they’ll be there.

Graeme Armstrong, Director, EAC

We can’t afford any down time with our tills. They connect our golf shops to head office and continually update our live online stock system. Consequently they are vital. If the tills aren’t working, we can’t trade. We therefore need to be sure our systems are working efficiently 100% of the time. Virus protection is particularly paramount. When I joined Auchterlonies I brought Condies with me. I had worked with them with a previous employer and was very impressed with them. This was recently highlighted when at 9 O’clock in the morning a particularly dangerous virus infected my computer, completely disabling it. Condies responded within 10 minutes of my call. The virus was so malicious that it couldn’t be fixed remotely so Susan talked me through what to do over the phone. Without Condies Tech that virus would have cost Auchterlonies’ a lot of money.

Alison Harvey, Financial Controller, Auchterlonies of St Andrews

We met with Condies, and based on their recommendations for the type of system and internal networking that we required, they supplied and installed everything, right down to the software. We had old systems in place that needed to be integrated, and Condies had the expertise to offer a bespoke system, merging the old with the new. They fixed up our email system, and now monitor all our systems off site, which includes telephone support. They have saved us a huge amount of time and effort. I think of the dangers and cost of someone else doing this without Condies’ level of knowledge would be too big a risk. Their response times are very good, and answer within a few minutes, even out of hours! Condies has the technical capability. Their help and commitment is outstanding and their communication is excellent!

Jim Cairney, Managing Director, Lazer Engineering

Our computer systems were in need of upgrading. As Condies Accountants were our auditors, Condies Tech were the obvious choice to do this for us. But before I approached them I wanted to check out other local companies. So I contacted the Computer Users Bureau and asked them to recommend some. The first name they came up with was Condies Tech! Needless to say, Condies installed our upgrade and we are delighted with it. Since installation we’ve never had any ‘down time’, firstly because they maintain our system and secondly, if any problems do arise, they react so quickly that any minor issue don’t become major ones.

Alan Cunningham, Accountant, John Reid Timber

Condies painlessly installed our computer system with no teething problems what so ever! It has provided many benefits to our business, most notably multiple access to our documents from different locations and full protection against data loss. Our maintenance was initially on a break-fix basis, but their managed service is so cost effective that it made sense for them to do the maintenance for us on that basis.

Jeff Hodgson, Technical Manager, JRM Products Ltd

Before working with Condies Tech, we had a very old, un-networked system in place. Condies came in and setup our whole system, server, accounts, 6 laptops and all the software. We have become so much more efficient, we just put documents on our site and the field guys can see them instantly. It’s a vast improvement. It’s saved us time and is so much easier to use. Condies give us an excellent service, always prompt in answering our calls and a fast response time.

Grace Welsh, Administration Manager, RJ Blasting

Our previous maintenance provider was a large company and the service they gave tended to feel impersonal. If we had a problem we would have to log this and wait for a response. We were not assigned to a particular employee, so each time we would speak to someone about a recurring problem, we found ourselves having to explain the issue from the beginning. It is so different with Condies! When we have a problem, I telephone Susan or Billy. They know me; they know our system and the problem gets sorted quickly.

Murray Innes, Director, G & R Ross Ltd