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European Parliament considers universal end-to-end encryption

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The European Parliament has announced its plans to enforce end-to-end encryption across all digital communications. In direct opposition to plans being considered by the UK government, EU lawmakers want to add extra encryption to digital data, whether that’s website information, email content or messages sent through services like WhatsApp. It’s claimed that improved encryption would Read More

Roaming free? Not necessarily

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Using a smartphone within the EU may have recently got a lot cheaper, but consumers still need to be wary, consumer champion Which? has warned. New legislation came into force this month to prevent network providers from adding extra onto customers’ bills when they use their phone within the EU. It means that any calls, Read More

What’s in an Excel name?

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Did you know that Microsoft Excel allows you to define a specific name for any cell, something which can make locating and referencing that cell a lot easier? For example, in a basic Excel formula, you may need to multiple the value in cell A1 (average monthly overhead) by the value in cell B1 (number Read More