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Android edges Windows in the OS race

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Android has overtaken Windows to become the internet’s most-used OS. Calling this result “the end of an era”, researchers StatCounter revealed that 37.93% of global web traffic in March was attributed to devices running Android, compared to the 37.91% from Windows. StatCounter claims its figures need no margin for error, as they’re based on 2.5 Read More

Smart TV: the spy in your home?

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The US Federal Trade Commission has found that one of the leading manufacturers of smart televisions recorded users’ viewing data without their explicit permission. So is Big Brother watching you? Orwell’s sinister suspicion is nearly 70 years old, but our reasons to be fearful keep on growing – not just from a super-state, but blackmailers, Read More

The Queen to open cyber security centre

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Her Majesty the Queen has officially opened the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in London. The Centre’s aim is to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks against the UK. Part of the GCHQ intelligence agency, the NCSC says the UK is facing 60 serious attacks each month. In the past three months alone, the NCSC classified Read More

What will Trump mean for technology?

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Like many other sectors, the IT industry is coming to terms with the Donald Trump presidency, and the impact it may have on innovation and growth. Mr Trump’s own statements hint at drastic changes in certain areas, so this month we examine four key topics and what we know so far. Privacy has long been Read More